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The DANGEROUS Secret of Ultra Instinct

  July 20, 2018

Video Title: The Secrets of Ultra Instinct You Were Never Told

Music Qualities by the incredible HalusaTwin

Music by Trinity (House Music) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr8Ao...

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Script: 10 Facts about Ultra Instinct

Before the Tournament of Power Super Saiyan Blue was thought to be the top transformation, if you don’t want to argue Super Saiyan 4. After being pushed to heights thought to be reachable by only the gods, Goku achieves power great enough to shake infinity. In DBS Super Episode 110 after being drained of all of his energy and blacking out during his fight with Jiren, Goku collapses into his own Spirit technique. The trauma from this event and need to be stronger in order to protect his universe Goku first unlocks the Ultra Instinct.

Ultra Instinct is actually based off of martial arts and the practice of “Mushin no Shin” which translates to “the mind without mind” or the state of no mindness. Mushin is actually a mental state that is said to be achievable by Zen and Daoist meditators. Its said that to obtain this state a person's mind must be free from thoughts of anger, fear, or ego during combat or everyday life There is an absence of discursive thought and judgment, so the person is totally free to act and react towards an opponent without hesitation and without disturbance from such thoughts. So with that being said Yes, Ultra instinct is based off of a real life technique so it is possible to develop certain aspects of it. Much like Bruce Lee
Goku radiates too much heat in this form. The sparkling aura around the user of Ultra instinct is actually heat that is generated from the form. This is also accompanied by an intense growth rate as Gokus strength evolved further and further the more he fought while in this form. Almost like an automatic zenkai boost. As it was stated that every time Goku blocked Jirens attacks, he hits him more sharply and heavily. His ki was also described to be not only hot but also frighteningly quiet as well, unlike the other forms that we’ve seen like Super Saiyan 2 and 3 which are accompanied by lightning which we’ve seen has the potential to be very noisy. For example when Cell regenerated himself into Super Perfect Cell his Ki was very noisy. At the same time however, this form is not a saiyan state as we all know. Ui goku