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How I got scholarships to Harvard and Oxford - and how you can too!

  June 28, 2018  ~    13.28 MB
How I got scholarships to Harvard and Oxford - and how you can too!




Ever wanted to study at Harvard or Oxford? Think it is impossible? Think again! I describe how I was offered a place at both of these universities and managed to get scholarships to study tutition-fee free. The aim of the video is to provide inspiration to others who want to embark on this journey and give some practical advice and guidance on how to do it and where to find funding.

Links to help you guys with potential funding sources:

1. Clarendon Scholarship: http://www.ox.ac.uk/clarendon/about

(This is the graduate scholarship for students wanting to study at Oxford. There is no special application for it - all you have to do is make your regular application to the University of Oxford and if the panel deems you worthy, they will put you forward for the award. It is open to all nationalities and is a merit based award)

2. The Kennedy Scholarship: (https://www.kennedytrust.org.uk)

(This is the graduate scholarship to go study at either Harvard or MIT. It is only open to UK residents. You have to make an application to the Kennedy Trust and then if you are successful in being awarded the scholarship you also have to be awarded your place at Harvard/MIT).

3. The Frank Knox Scholarship: https://frankknox.harvard.edu/

(This is to promote study at Harvard and is open to anyone from a ‘commonwealth’ country.)

4. The Fulbright Award: http://www.fulbright.org.uk/

Open to UK or US students who wish to study in respective countries. It is a really well known award and has a generous funding package.

5. The Rhodes Global Scholarship: https://www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk/scho...

(This is a new scholarship open to anyone from any country to come study in Oxford. I am really excited about this award since in my opinion there are not enough opportunities for students from low or middle income countries to study tuition-fee free at some of the world best universities. I think there needs to be more opportunities for anyone, no matter what there background, to apply to prestigious universities and not have cost be a barrier)

6. The Cambridge-Africa scholarship scheme: https://www.cambridge-africa.cam.ac.u...

(This is an exciting opportunity for students from sub-Saharan Africa to obtain a fully funded PhD from The University of Cambridge)

If you guys know of any more please post them in the comments section below!

Good luck, keep working hard, and I wish you all the best in your applications!