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Worldwide Independent Network Ceo Alison Wenham Is Stepping Down

  December 12, 2018

Longtime indie label champion Alison Wenham is stepping down as CEO of the Worldwide Independent Music Industry Network (WIN). The departure marks the

Live Nation Acquires Switzerland’s Mainland Music

  December 12, 2018

As other European live music markets decline, Live Nation wants to capitalize on Switzerland’s healthy touring market. Live Nation has made several

Did Youtube Just Pull A Fast One? Vivendi, Eu Music Organizations Are Suddenly Slamming Article 13

  December 13, 2018

Universal Music Group owner Vivendi and the broader music industry are now pushing back against an initiative they helped pass.  So what happened? Th

Atlantic Records Drops Its No Jumper Venture Over Sexual Assault Allegations

  December 13, 2018

Atlantic Records (WMG) is walking away from a once-promising label venture with hip hop tastemaker Adam ‘Adam22’ Grandmaison. A slew of se

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