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Just Like Ping, Apple Quietly Kills Off Apple Music Connect

  December 14, 2018

Let’s face it – Apple just doesn’t do social.  Apple Music executives found that out the hard way – again. Several years ago, Apple shuttered

With Vinyl’s Resurgence Comes Vinyl Counterfeiting. The Bpi Just Busted An Operation In Wales.

  December 14, 2018

Whether you make a few dollars or a thousand dollars on the side selling vinyl records, the BPI won’t tolerate any counterfeit operation. For the pa

Package This: Apple Spins A Homepod Discount To Apple Music Subscribers

  December 14, 2018

Apple is aggressively pushing its streaming music ecosystem ahead of the holidays with a discounted HomePod offer in the UK. Apple’s got the Hom

Serato Integrates Soundcloud And Tidal For Real-time Mixing, But Only If You’re Online

  December 14, 2018

For DJs ready to create brand new SoundCloud mixes in real time, they’ll need a speedy and reliable internet connection first. Over the past several

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